Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Freshman Steps Up

The Friars added another W to the win collumn last night, defeating Steve Fisher’s San Diego State 80-65 at the Dunk Ladt night. This was a great all around game for the Friars and it was well coached by Tim Welsh, who made a profitable move to switch to man-to-man defense. With Friar fans waiting to hear offical word on the second semester status of DeSean White, Jonathan Kale decided to have a coming out party. The freshman’s 15 points and 12 rebounds where just stats. The way he dominated inside against a relatively large Aztec front line was the real story. Four other players scored in double digits including: Donnie, Weymi, Curry and McDermott. The Friars have really turned the corner since the second half of the Florida game when Curry cemented his status as the starting point guard. One more non-conference game to go before the Big East matchups begin.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is DeSean Next?

According to most sources on the web, DeSean White was missing from a practice yesterday and seems to be AWOL. It sounds like DeSean will be the next Friar to leave the program. If DeSean does become the 5th player to leave the program within the last 12 months it will knock the Friars down to 8 scholorship players for the remainder of the year. The news of players leaving our hometown teams seems to be a trend in New England sports this winter.

Stay cozy tonight, the game is on Cox 3. Good Luck Guys.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Friars End Losing Streak

The Friars ended their losing streak with a 22 point victory over a quality Northeastern team. A career best double double by Randall hanke led the way. The Friars seperated themselves from their opponent with a 31-0 run starting at the end of the first half. The Friars should add another win this week with a game Thursday against Yale.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Friars fall to Number 10 by 10

The Friars lost to Billy Donovan's #10 ranked Florida Gators last night at the Dunk. It would be way to easy to write negatively about this teams inexperience, the lack of production from their senior guard, the coaching staff's odd decisions, the non-emotion of the fans, and that stupid Friar mascot kicking around a stuffed Gator, but I won't. The story of the night was Sharaud Curry. Curry scored 20 points in the second half alone and solidified his spot as the point guard of this team. Other then Sharaud's official coming out party the only positive moment of the night was a nice behind the back pass from Wayme to Hill on a fast break.

In case you are wondering... FOX POINT is still M.I.A.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Return of Billy The Kid

Billy Donovan will make his first return to Providence as a head coach tonight at the Dunk. While at PC, Donovan scored over 1000 points in just his Junior and senior years. In his Senior year Billy was an Honorable Mention All-American and a First Team All-Big East selection. Most importantly Billy led the Friars to the 1997 Final Four. As Billy's Nationally Ranked (#10) Florida Gators enter the Dunk tonight let's make sure to show our thanks and give Billy the loudest possible ovation.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ram's State is Better Then Yours, Or Is it?

So URI managed a victory in the Projo anointed "State Championship." Since the media likes to remind us on a daily basis that the President's approval rating is at an all-time low, I think it is important to review the current situation here in Rhode Island.

Let us begin with the U of RI. Now that the Rams have moved to 52-64 against their in-state "rival", it is important to note that their current coach has a 54-67 lifetime record at URI. With the only impact freshman being his own son, Ram's Fans should begin to realize that such luxuries as the NCAA tournament and the N.I.T. are a thing of the past. While his team did manage to pull off a victory yesterday against a much more talented, yet inexperienced PC five, the expectations for the Rams this year are very low. However, Jim Baron has proven to be a good coach and an average recruiter and they always play PC hard.

Now let's move on yesterday's losers, the Providence Friars. While Tim Welsh is 115-99 at PC it is hard to ignore the fact that he has yet to use this venue to move on to greener pastures like his predecessors: Rick Pitino, Rick Barnes and Pete Gillen. In short, Tim has spent way too much time at PC and he is signed for way too long. You don't think so, look at the stats; 1-7 at the Big East Tournament, 56-71 life time record versus Big East opponents, 0-3 in the NCAA Tournament. While many Friar fans believe that the loss today to U are Always High was due to a young team learning the ropes, it is very easy to see this is just more of the same. We have come to accept the fact that all of Tim Welsh's teams fold at the end of the game, no matter the age of the player, period.

With all this being said, the local coaches of our prized Division One basketball schools should be glad that they do not have to take the same abuse that the President of the United States has to take because I would be riding around with either a "BARON LIED PEOPLE SPENT WAY TOO MUCH FOR TICKETS' or an "IMPEACH WELSH" bumper sticker. That's just the state of this Union and I am reporting it.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Was Providence robbed in the Dream Tournament?

Below is a conversation between Friardave and Scoop Jackson on the ESPN NCAA Dream Tournament:

Scoop, in your opinion. Has the entire Dream Tournament been tainted with the the first round victory of Kentucky over a much better Providence team?

Possibly. i felt that Providence was that team that alot of people slept on. But in the end, i don't think it had any effect. They were a good squad but i don't think they would have changed the wat the Final two, four or eight came out.

No Shock in Wichita

The Friars picked up their first loss of the season last night in Topeka, KS against a tough Wichita State team. The young Firars were sparked by the return of DeSean White and made the game closer then most fans expected. Up next for the Friars is a trip to the Sober Dome to face URI.