Monday, February 28, 2005

Orange Crush Friars

The Friars were overwhelmed by the second half push by the Orangemen on Saturday night. The Orange locked up Jim Boeheims 700th win with the 25 point victory. The Friars hung in for a while but had no answers inside once Randall Hanke went down with his 4th foul. The young Friars, Hanke, Fluff, D-White and Hill, looked good despite the inspired effort by the Orange. Up next will be the final home game for Ryan Gomes in a PC uniform this Tuesday. This will be a sad day for many Friar fans as we will witness the reason for our returne to National recognition walking out the door.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Gomes New King of the Hill?

The Friars beat up on a beat down Seton Hall Pirates team on Wednesday. The Friars proved that even though their record doesn't show it, they are a lot better then the rest of the bottom feeders in the Big East. The only real highlight in this game was when Ryan Gomes became the new All-time scoring leader at Providence College. Ryan made history twice tonight by also collecting his 1000 rebound. As everyone knows, due to the length of eligibility for today's players, both of these stats are inflated compared to the real king of the hill at PC, Jimmy Walker. Jimmy Walker was able to collect 2000 points in a time when there was no three point shot and players were only eligible for 3 years. So cheers to Ryan for a great accomplishment but let us never forget that Jimmy Walker is still the best Friar ever to play.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Another Heart Breaker!

The frustration level boiled over last night at the Dunk as the Friars dropped a double overtime thriller to the #18 UConn Huskies 94-89. In the loosing effort, Ryan Gomes proved to everyone that he still should be considered among the best players in the country as he could not be stopped, scoring 37 points against one of the best front lines in college hoops. In the end it was the same inevitable disastrous finish repeating itself, similar to watching the end of The Titanic over and over again. The Friars had the ball with 21 seconds left on the clock in a tie ball game at the end of the first overtime. With his team in desperate need to pull off just one of these close games, Tim Welsh decided to let his players determine the outcome of the game. While it is true the the young Friars showed heart and would have won this game if D-White's free throw did not rim out, most of the blame must be placed on Welsh. Tim Welsh put the moral of the team and the entire fan base at risk when he did not call a time out at any time in the last 21 seconds. Have his players showed at all this year that they know what to do in the closing seconds of a game? I think not. Even if you are from the school of thought that says you shouldn't call a timeout at the end of the game because it will allow the defense time to set up, you have to believe that a time out in the final seconds when it was apparent that the players could not create a shot themselves, was in order. While I commend Tim Welsh for somehow keeping this group of players competing, I have to believe that another coach in his situation would have pulled off some of these close games. So with the fact that Tim Welsh is locked up in what seems to be a lifetime contract and PC not having the money to buy him out, let's prepare for many more of these heart breaking games. Here's to mediocrity!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Friars Win! The friar's Win!

The PC Friars avoided complete embarrassment as they won their first Big East Season game of the year against Rutgers, 81-64, Sunday at the Dunk. The Friars were solid from the start and were supported primarily by their two Seniors, Gomes 22 points and Kotti 17 points. The Friars were not only led by their Seniors as evidence by the portion of the game when 4 Freshmen were on the court at once. Now we will see if the Friars can take it to UConn whose lack of quality guard play was exposed in a home loss to #2 UNC Sunday. Tuesday's game will be televised on ESPN2.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Friars Drop Another Close One, now 0-9

The Friars almost came up with a victory in Morgantown against a very tough West Virginia team when Jeff Parmer's last second 3 was off the mark. The Friars where without Dwight Brewington who may be out for the entire season. Now that it is time to rebuild for next year the Friars did show some hope but it is tough to take pride in a 2 point road Big East loss when you haven't won a game in the conference all year. Look for the Friars to get their first of two Big East wins this Sunday at the empty Dunk on Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Friday, February 04, 2005

The Struggling Friars continue to get national headlines. After Donnie Mac's perfect night was shown all over SportCenter's Top Ten Plays on Wednesday night the Friars were featured in several national news stories.
Andy Katz takes a look at Ryan Gomes decision to stay in school for his senior year:
and Dwight Brewington is featured in an article in USA Today:

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Friars "Perfect" in Last Place Showdown.

Donnie Mac tied an NCAA record for three point field goals made without a miss last night at the Dunk going 9-9 behind the arc. Donnie was feeling it as he nailed three pointers from everywhere on the court. The win was a match up of the last place teams from the Big East and the ACC and snapped the Friars 7 game loosing streak. It was nice to see the young group hold onto a lead and collect a relatively easy win. With Virgina Tech and Miami playing well in ACC conference play this year, it is apparent that the Big East is a superior conference once you get over the gaudy rankings of the top teams in the ACC. Now the Friars will hit the road to play another game versus a nationally ranked Big East opponent as they look for a little revenge against Villanova.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What is Wrong in Friartown?

With everyone giving their reasons why Tim Welsh should be fired, I figured I should chime in with yet another reason. As we all know, yesterday, promising young guard Gerald Brown left the team after breaking his leg several weeks ago. If you are keeping score at home this is the fourth player in 2 years to leave the team, Rob Sanders, JuJuan Robinson and Abdull Mills being the others. Sophomore Gerald Brown was averaging 7.1 points off the bench and was the only Friar guard who could penetrate into the lane. The question is...Why are these players continuing to leave the PC program? Are the players tired of the system? Do they believe the PC program is on the decline? Are they disturbed by the way they are booed out of town when they are loosing at the Dunk? Is Welsh asking them to leave so he can open up scholarships? I don't know if we will ever know the answer, but what we do know is that it leaves this and next years version of the Friars pretty thin with talent. Next year the Big East will be getting bigger and badder and the Friars will be getting younger and less experienced. Hey Tim, Jimmy walker is not walking through that door! You had better get your act together or you will be walking out the door!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Triple A Friars fall to Major League Panthers

The Friars were outclassed by the Pitt Panthers for the second straight year leaving the steel city with a 86-66 loss. The Friars are now 9-15 since the last time that Pitt spanked them at the Dunk on 3/2/04. The Friars continue to look like a team that may never crack the W column in the ultra competitive Big East. Ryan Gomes was the high scorer from last nights game but looked tired in the first half and was abused by the Pitt fans for his two airballs. The Friars now host also struggling Virginia as Pete Gillen comes back to Providence. Perhaps the only way these Friars can get a win is to play an ACC team.
-The Peterson Center should be the the template for the Dunk renovations.
-Troutman, Taft and Bronx born Krauser are the real deal and may carry the Panthers far through the tournament.
-If BC played Pitt this year the Panthers would end their winning streak.