Monday, January 31, 2005

Friars Come Up Short, Again

Same shit different day. That just about sums it up.
The Friars dropped another heartbreaker at the Dunk Saturday evening against West Virginia in a game which most fans believed that the Friars could win. The Moutaineers got off to a hot shooting start and opened up a double digit lead in the first half. The Friars showed some hope when Donnie hit 3 out of 3 from behind the arc. That hope was crushed when Donnie went down with a sprained ankle shortly after. The Friars battled back, but again were the victim of terrible officiating. The game was determined by the officials on an intentional foul charge to walk-on Ray Cross late in the game. The call promoted several fans to throw objects onto the court and forced Tim Welsh to get on the PA system to ask that fans to throw objects. At least that is what I think he said, don't get me started on the sound system at The Dump, again. Well next up is a beating by the Panthers tonight at 9:00 on The Deuce. Good Luck Guys!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Official-ly Awful!

The broken record is still rotating around the old recordplayer.
Friars come out to a double digit lead.
The officials make a couple of bad calls against PC.
Friars loose the lead with 3 minutes to go.
Friars take a last second shot in attempt to force OT.
Shot misses the traget.
Friars Loose and nobody gets the New Pontiac!

See you Saturday for the same tune.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Strength of Schedule

After watching the 4th ranked Syracuse Orangemen walk out of the RAC last night with another lucky win it reminded me of the arguments that I had last Saturday after the Friars fell victim to the Orange. I can still hear myself claiming that the Orange were over ranked right now and that they have not played anyone good yet. While a team like Syracuse with only one loss should get national recognition it is hard to imagine the team that beat the State University of New Jersey because a 3 point shot in the last seconds rolled off the rim is better then every team in the land except 3. While the 'Cuse might contend for a national title and have the experience to win it all this year, the weak schedule that Jim Boeheim plays should be exposed for what it is. My primary argument with the nucklehead Syracuse fans at Trinity last Saturday night was that the Orange strength of schedule was poor at best. Well today we have the prove. The most recent RPI poll is out and it ranks the strength of schedule for all teams in division one college basketball. Syracuse checks in at #97 in SOS, while the PC Friars check in at #2. That's right Friar fans, the schedule that PC has played this year is the second hardest in the country!!! So where is Orangehead now? Still crying about the trashing that his Steelers took on Sunday no doubt.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Down and Out? Perhaps Not!

Thanks to some divine scheduling the Friars were without a game this weekend as the Blizzard of 2005 struck the northeast. In a season where the Friars have been pronounced dead several times the opportunity to restore the pride in Friar Town has arised. How can the Friars return the pride you ask? Well, beating un-defeated, top ten ranked Boston College on Wednesday at the Dunk would help! The Friars nearly defeated the Eagles in overtime on their own court and now have a chance to kick them in the ass as they have one foot out the door to the ACC. That's right, this is the last year for the trader Eagles in the conference that they helped form over 25 years ago. Now the Eagles are trying to go un-defeated through their entire schedule in what seems to be an attempt to show that they do not belong in our league. With this being the last time BC is traveling to the Dunk as part of the Big East we can not be allowed to be bullied around! As the top of this Blog points out, Providence is the "Home of the Big East." Let's answer the words of Dickie V "isn't anyone in the Big East going to beat Boston College???" Yes sir, the Friars are!!! When the Friars are down they are never out! The Friars will truly need a 6th man on Wednesday so let's show up (that includes you #3) and show up loud! You can start chanting it now...Let's Go Friars!

Friday, January 21, 2005


The '04-'05 version of the Tim Welsh Friars officially Stink!
After the loss to Rutgers on Wednesday night the over rated, over hyped Friars are now 0-4 in the conference and in a fight for a NIT bid. This team is so out of whack that Tim Welsh had Donnie on the bench and Kotti playing guard to start the game. This season has been such a disappointment that it is hard to imagine any success to come in the near future. Tim Welsh is in the middle of another season with his non-Big East caliber recruits and is sinking fast. Without the recruit of Ryan Gomes, you would be able to wash out the last 4 seasons as failures. The best guard on this team available for this year, Abdul Mills, is finally healthy and playing somewhere else. I am trying to not be all doom and gloom but it is hard to imagine this PC basketball program competing much longer on the national stage. The Friars are constantly outclassed by larger schools who have far bigger budgets. It is time for major change at Providence College or they may be the first team to be kicked out of the Big East once the incoming teams make it a football power conference. Let's just hope this team has a couple of upsets in them or this season will remembered only as the year that Ryan Gomes draft status dropped!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Friars fall to 0-3 in League

Right now, all I can remember about the game Saturday afternoon is screaming that Syracuse is an overrated #7 team and witnessing Fox Point in a very random section, apparently upset over the fact that the Bistro was closed for the entire game. Why is it that this year's version of the Friars have to stay in the game right until the very end? I mean, I would have had a couple less drinks had I known throughout the whole game that they were losers. As far as the game goes, I have been told that Donnie attempted his own version of the Ryan Gomes Pontiac Half Court Shot with time running out, but who really knows. All I know is we blew it somehow.

-What's up to our Syracuse/Steeler friends at Trinity Brew House who might have been the Bizarro 1-2-3's on this afternoon.
-So the Friars head to the RAC to face Rutgers on Wednesday, if this season still has any must wins in it, this is one of them.
-Let us not forget the recently re-designed and upgraded Finegan's Wake. I must stop before and after home games.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Friars turnover the game to the Wildcats

Hello Friar Fans - this is #3 reporting from the sidelines. I apologize if you are used to #1's in-depth analysis, but I believe I'll make up for that today with my witty sarcasm. Let me set the scene for you: It's a cold and snowy Tuesday night. I've forgotten my ticket. We drive all over Providence and arrive a few minutes late. Chubby McHiggins is our referee for the evening, so we are already a 10 point underdog. And that's when things got worse.
PC only looked good in the first 7-8 minutes. We come out with a 10-0 start, and seemed invincible. After that, Villanova took advantage of our flaws and slowly stole the game from us. We had 30 turnovers in the game, and couldn't get a defensive rebound all night. D-Mac had the flu, and I'm convinced Brew had it too but didn't tell anyone.
Kudos to Gomes for scoring a season high 28, and to Herbert Hill for being one block away from a triple-double.
I don't know if I sound like a broken record, but this was another game that Providence could and should have won.
Orangemen come into town Saturday. Bistro opens at 11:30.
Side notes: 9467 fans showed up for the first Big East home game of the year. Fox Point was wearing a ND sweatshirt and an AHL t-shirt. Since ticket prices were raised, the Dunk can afford to heat the building to 142 degrees during games. Gomes tried the Pontiac half-court shot with 6 seconds to go in the game, but didn't win the car.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Friars Give Un-defeated Eagles a Second Chance

The Friars came out looking good and actually opened up a 12 point lead in the second half but could not put away the Un-beaten BC Eagles. The Friars were killed on the offensive boards and allowed too many second and third shot opportunities. In the end the Eagles exposed the rebounding and experience problems that the Friars may have all year against their Big East Foes. Ryan Gomes put up another impressive stat line in front of an audience of 9 NBA scouts. The Friars will get their second chance against the ACC bound Eagles two weeks from now at The Dunk.
Question of the day: Why do all Tim Welsh lead Friar teams always seem to lack toughness?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Friars add another W with win vs. Bears

The Friars picked up another W to add to their win total Monday night at the Donut. The Friars outclassed the Brown Bears from the start to collect their 4th straight W. Ryan Gomes was solid with his typical 24 points and 15 rebounds. Brewington also added 15 points and sported several different headband styles. Quality minutes were given to most of the young Friars as 10 players got into the game. Some people were asking when Juco transfer Quinton Hosely will be able to play and it appears the answer year. According to NCAA rulings the Juco All American will not be to play until next year but can practice with the squad this semester.
-In other news it looks like Ryan Gomes will be on the FSN show I, Max tonight.