Friday, December 24, 2004

Friars Avoid Singing the Blues in Memphis

The Friars played on an unseen level to record their first road victory of the '04-'05 season.
Ryan Gomes took advantage of the national spotlight to record his 6th 20 plus game of the year by scoring 24 points. The Friars got off to a quick lead and held it throughout. No matter how close the Tigers came the Friars had an answer. Are we witnessing the Return of the Mac? Donnie played his second promising game in a row scoring 14 points on 4-7 shooting behind the arc. Brew played well again as he usually does on the national stage recording 15 points on a mix of hard drives to the basket and three pointers. The eye opener of the night, by far, was the play of Freshman Center Randall Hanke. Hanke showed why he has so many Friar fans buzzing by recording 9 blocks and collecting 7 rebounds in 19 minutes of play. The Friars had the Tigers confused throughout the game by using a great pressure defense and a match-up zone most of the second half. This win will not make Friar fans forget the day Marvin Barnes went down with an injury against Memphis in the 1972 Final Four but it might prove to be a key win come NCAA selection time. Let's hope the Fighting Friars can keep this new found intensity up and post a couple more wins to finish up their out of conference schedule.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Maine Bears the Brunt of Friar's Frustration

The Friars beat the Maine Black Bears by thirty points, 104-74, at the Cruller last night to improve their record to 6-4. Tim welsh has been quoted as saying that the team was improving it's intensity in practices and it rang true. The Friars opened strong and closed strong. Ryan Gomes posted his most impressive game in some time posting 25 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Donnie and Brew combined to drain 8 three pointers. G. Brown, Hanke, White and Hill also looked impressive on increased minutes due to the blow out. The Friars will need to keep the intensity up as they travel to Memphis to face the struggling Tigers tomorrow night at 9:00. Nice win, let's build on it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bearish Friars face off against Maine

The Friars look to get back to their winning ways tonight at the Golden Cruller. The Friars also hope to add some victories to the W column over the next couple of weeks with games to follow against Memphis, San Diego State and Brown. As it has been proven this year though, no win will be easy. It is fitting that we would play Maine tonight since the Friars have looked like they belong in the American East conference rather then the Big East for most of this year. Speaking of the American East, the game of the night will be Vermont at UNC. Go Catamounts! Look for another malcontent effort tonight from the Friars. The lack of enthusiasm shown by this team far out weighs the optimism that the Friars season is still young. With any luck Fluff, Hanke and D-White will get good minutes and perform well tonight. Looking for another reason to attend this game other then the young talent? Perhaps this is the night a crazed Friar fan finally runs onto the court and beats the crap out of D-Mac for missing another wide open three.

Let's review the season to this point:
Current record 5-4.
Quality Wins: Niagara(who lost to Loyola-Maryland) and Michigan(Who Lost to B.U.)
Bad Losses: Winthrop (who lost to Portland)
Good Losses: Florida (who lost to Miami by 13 points), Wake Forest(who lost to Illinois by 18), Witchita State(who is Undefeated).

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This Loss is No Shock

So another loss to a Mid-Major team with great potential. While this might be promising to some people it only spells out the inevitable to me. WE ARE GOING TO GET KILLED IN BIG EAST PLAY. Let's all say our prayers because we will need a miracle to stay above .500. It is too bad that Ryan has a rebuilding team around him during the end of one of the best careers in school history. While things could be worse, look at URI, it is going to be a cold winter. Going forward you will see a variety of topics in this Blog as PC struggles. If you still have gifts to buy for Christmas you can always make use of those season tickets.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


With the absence of a mid-week game for the Friars I am going to take this time to touch on some other topics.
-Notre Dame had a good win at Indiana last night, maybe now they can get back into the top 25.
-Georgetown entertains #1 Illinois tonight. Maybe the Hoyas can do the Big East a favor and win a significant game once every 5 years.
-Speaking of Illinois they have made a great improvement to their team since PC beat them in MSG early last season. The same can not be said of PC.
-Did you see Monday night where UConn doubled up Northeastern in rebounds 68-34!
-Josh Boone can be the best front court player in the country when he puts his mind to it.
-Rudy Gay is the real deal.
-The OSU Cowboys ran over 'Cuse the other night. I have a feeling it will be a different story when Boeheim's crew face them again late in the NCAA Tournament.
-Future Friar foe Memphis was outclassed by Pitt on Tuesday night against an experienced Pitt team. Memphis does have a lot of athletes and a star in Sean Banks.
-CBS Sportsline has started their Player Rankings. No surprise that Ryan Gomes has picked up where he left off at #1.
-A quick browse of the various Friar chat boards all tell the same story: G Brown needs more PT, D Mac is terrible, we need D White's body on D, Kotti needs to hold onto the ball and Tim Welsh needs to pressure and use man to man earlier in the game.
-Is it just me or does it seem like the Friar fans at the Dunk don't show up until 5 minutes remaining?
-URI continues it's mini tour of the Big East with a game against Rutgers on Saturday. Can you say 0-3.
-30 days until PC-BC, first Big East game of the year.
-UConn vs. Umass tonight. Remember when that meant something.
-Is Washington's Nate Robinson the most exciting player in America?
-Don't be shocked if the Wichita State Shockers beat PC Saturday night. By the way this game has been added to COX.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Friars Defeat URI in OT

Well, we asked that the Friars Kill the Rams, we will have settle for a come from behind overtime win instead. The Friars rallied back and snatched their third straight victory away from the Rams. This game was marred by my embarrassingly loud cuss at Friar coach Tim Welsh late in the second half. Because of this mishap I decided to put myself in the self imposed time out penalty. A Dunkin' Donuts coffee later and the Friars had forced OT. An event that marked the beginning of my downfall for the evening might also mark the beginning of the turn around to the Friars Season. I apologize to the other members of the 1-2-3's.
So the Friars have a week off. Their next game will be Saturday 12/11 at 7:30 against the wichita State Schockers. I will be absent from that game so we will have to rely on someone else for a game recap.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Rams, Friars Resume Rivalry

The Friars look to shoot down in-state rival URI this Saturday afternoon at the Donut. While the Friars struggled against Winthrop, the Rams have been dismal all season. The Rams have dropped 4 games in a row to Manhattan, Maine, Seton Hall and Boston U . With the dismissal of "Friar Killer" Dustin Hellenga and injury to Dawan Robinson the Rams have no firepower. Their only hope on Saturday is the inside play of Senior Scott Hazelton. Despite the Rams struggles, the Friars will need to play a complete game to record a "W". The Friars have been much stronger then the Rams the past two years but have come out on the losing end both years. Let's hope the real Friars stand up on Saturday! It is time for redemption!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Gomes Named CLASS Award Finalist

Ryan Gomes was named one of the finalist for the Bayer Advantage Senior CLASS Award.
The Senior CLASS Award, an acronym for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School, was launched during the 2001-02 college basketball season. It is designed to honor the attributes of seniors who remain committed to their university and elect to pursue the many rewards that a senior season can bring.

Big Deal! Lets Get a Win Saturday!

The Friars Fall Apart

Friars lose to Winthrop 60-54.
I thought about writing a review of this game but I couldn't find the strength. There wasn't a single positive thing to discuss. If the saints used to "Come Marching In" to the Civic Center years ago, they might have official "Marched" out of the Dunk last night. This was a bad loss no matter how you cut it. The Friars gave away a win that may cost them come March. Instead of writing a column about the game I have decided to take the time I would of used to pray that PC does not play like this on Saturday against a terrible URI team. I have nothing else to say. Let's us all pray the Saints come back soon.